Whats the use of the stuff you are not using?

The easier printing the document is becoming, the more options are introduced with the advancement. Sometimes, I need the documents not only when I am at home but also when I roam outside. This made me connect the outdoor printers to my device.


Not a big deal, we usually install the other printers and it’s an easy way to get documents while travelling. With this, we unintentionally install too many drivers of the printers which we will never going to be use in future. It’s good to uninstall those drivers from our window to clean all the junk.

So, whats the use of all those printer driver which i am not using anymore? Good thing is that the process of uninstalling the drivers of printer is very easy. Just follow the steps and you are free from unwanted drivers.


1. Start from the button “start” at the bottom left of your screen. Type “Print Management” and select the same from the list.

2. The Print Management dialog will appear. Now before deleting the drivers from the window, first of all check which drivers are really not in use. To check, click on the printer services in the left dialog. You will see the computer name. Click on it and then click Drivers. The list of print drivers will appear on the right hand dialog.


3. Before deleting, Click on printers and see the drivers of the desired printer from right hand dialog by right clicking on that particular printer.

4. Now you can select the drivers you want to delete as you can see which drivers each printer is using.


5. Right click on the printer and you can delete the printer which you do not care about. Or else if you want to delete the drivers only, after the right click, click on Properties and the Advanced tab.

6. Change the driver from a drop-down to any other driver. It doesn’t matter which driver you are choosing as long as it’s not the same driver you want to delete.


7. After changing, go back to Print Management dialog and click on driver. Because the driver is not in use by any printer now, simply right-click and delete it. It will be removed with any error.

If you are still getting any error then it might being used. You need to go to printers to check or else you can call us at our toll free numbers US number +1 855-869-7373 and +44 800-041-8324(UK) for all Epson printer support they need. We would love to help you, as well.

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